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This program is a great way to supply your range with superior targets without spending any of your annual budget.

Use your brass credit to purchase any product on this online store or even save up for bigger purchases like range equipment from Action Target. Your credit from this program does not expire.

1. Collect your spent brass and securely fasten the containers to a pallet. Brass or nickel plate only. No aluminum, steel, or shotgun casings, please.

2. Call Action Target to schedule a pickup within the continental United States.

3. The brass will be picked up and delivered to Southern Belle Brass where they will inspect and weight the shipment. If the shipment is over 1,000 pounds, they will even pay for the freight charges.

4. You will then be contacted by Action Target with your credit amount based on the net weight of the brass, less freight*, which can be up to $1.00 per pound.

*If under 1,000 pounds