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UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner

  • SKU: UT-CT1254
  • Category: Weapons Cleaning
  • Brand: UniqueTek
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UNIQUETEK Premium firearms cleaner is a highly efficient solvent based cleaner for all firearms. Being virtually odorless and nontoxic, it is safe to use indoors where ventilation may be poor. Since it contains no aromatic solvents, it won't swell rubber or plastics. UniqueTek premium cleaner contains no lubricant keeping the cleaning and lubrication steps separate. Because it contains no oils or additives, the cleaner evaporates completely, leaving nothing behind to burn, congeal, or collect dust. Advantages:

• Virtually odorless - Can be used safely indoors

• Non-toxic (contains NO California Proposition 65 listed chemicals)

• Won't swell rubber or plastics

• Contains no water