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3M Peltor Throat Microphone (MT90)

  • SKU: MT90
  • Category: Communication System
  • Brand: Peltor
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Peltor's Throat MT90 microphones are specifically designed for situations where boom microphones are ineffective or cannot be used.

•ideal for situations where respirators are being used and 2-way communication is essential.

•Silicon rubber housing offers waterproof protection.

•Dynamic microphone is 150 ohm. The Peltor MT90 throat microphone is easily worn with its elastic clip-on neckband. Often used by those who need to be able to have the face free of obstructions; as in the case of wearing a respirator. Used frequently for swat and tactical teams that need a mic for use with gas masks. The silicon rubber housing offers waterproof protection. Dynamic microphone is 150 ohm.