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Law Enforcement Targets is excited to announce that we have rebranded as Action Target, the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges and portable steel targets. 

Law Enforcement Targets was acquired by Action Target in 2010 as a strategic move to provide the highest possible value to shooting range clients. As an online retailer of shooting range supplies, LETargets.com provides an ideal platform to support shooting ranges, government agencies, and civilian shooters with sales of paper, cardboard, plastic, and steel targets, maintenance equipment, safety gear, other range supplies, and so much more. 

The Action Target logo has been represented on the LETargets.com website now for over a year. Now there are a few additional visual changes as we have integrated the Action Target brand into position and improve the user experience at the Action Target online store. The most immediate changes will include a cosmetic update to the LET store to facilitate Action Target branding as we switch to our new URL - http://shop.actiontarget.com 

We are excited to move into the next phase of this strategic initiative to provide a true turnkey solution and outstanding products to our clients.

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Thank you for your continued patronage. We sincerely appreciate your business.