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Darts Target

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Prove your mettle in a rousing game of gun darts. Best when played with two players and scored just like real darts.

Unofficial Rules:
1. Each player starts with the score of 501.
2. Taking turns each player takes three shots, totals up their score, and subtracts their score from their remaining total.
3. The first player to reach the exact score of zero wins the game.
4. If a score goes past zero it will not be counted and the previous score will stand.
5. Points are scored as follows:
The cream and black color wedges are worth the value of their corresponding number.
The outer red and green ring is worth double the value of its corresponding number.
The inner red and green ring is worth triple the value of its corresponding number.
The outer bull's-eye is worth 25 points.
The inner bull's-eye is worth 50 points.

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