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Baseball Target

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Singles, doubles, home runs and outs. They're all here in this easy to play risk/reward baseball target.

Unofficial Rules:
1. Follow the same basic rules as baseball (3 outs per inning, 4 balls for a walk, and 3 strikes for an out)
2. Play as many innings as you want
3. Keep track of your baserunners, outs, and runs
4. Each player will take turns shooting at the target attempting to score as many runs as possible before recording 3 outs
5. The inner (orange) target rings result in either a hit or stolen base
6. The middle (yellow) target rings result in an out
7. The top outer (blue) target rings result in a ball
8. The lower outer (red) target rings result in a strike
9. Shots that land outside the baselines are treated like foul balls in standard baseball rules
10. Shots anywhere on the target other than the target rings or foul territory result in an out
11. Baserunners can only advance the same number of bases as the last hit (example: if the first shot is a single and second shot is a double the first baserunner will advance to third base)

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