Frequently Asked Questions

If you still can't find what you are looking for, our great customer service team can point you in the right direction. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with them. 

Do you sell to anyone or just law enforcement?

The vast majority of our products are available for sale to civilians. Exceptions (such as counter-IED training aids) will have explanatory notes. Other items whose sale is controlled by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) can be sold to U.S. civilians but require the purchaser to sign a government contract.


What's the relationship between Action Target and Law Enforcement Targets?

Action Target acquired Law Enforcement Targets in 2010 as a way to provide even more value to its shooting range clients with targets, range supplies, and shooting essentials. As a member of the Action Target corporate family, Law Enforcement Targets now manages all consumer aspects of the business.


Where are you located?

The Action Target Store is located in Blaine, Minnesota (see the Contact Us page for our address). We do not have a storefront, but you can arrange with customer service to pick your order up in person at our facilities

Action Target's Corporate Headquarters is headquartered in Provo, Utah.


Where do your products ship from?

Most of the products for sale on this online store will ship from our location in Blaine, Minnesota. Some products, such as pt steel targets, will ship from Action Target's warehouse in Provo, Utah. Other products are drop-ship items and will ship from the warehouse location of the manufacturer.


How do I get a shipping estimate?

Our online store makes it easy to estimate your shipping. Once you have placed items in your cart, just click on the "My Cart" button in the top right corner of your screen. A drop-down will show all the items currently in your cart as well as your subtotal. From that view you will be able to select "Estimate Shipping" and get estimates for all the shipping options available after entering your ZIP code.


Do you ship internationally?

Of course! When shipping to Canada, we can ship USPS, UPS Ground, and LTL Freight (if needed). Shipping to all other foreign countries is fulfilled through DHL. All duties, taxes, and customs charges will be billed to the consignee. If you prefer, we can use your customs broker and/or freight shipping account.


What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

Please receive the package in any condition and have it noted by the deliverer that the package was damaged. Then inspect your package to make sure nothing is missing using the inventory sheet provided with the shipment. If you are unsure if your order is complete, you can contact our customer care team toll free at 1-800-779-0182.

NOTE: Steel targets are notorious for arriving with damaged packaging. This is fairly common since the target is so heavy. Very rarely, however, does this mean the product itself is damaged.


Can you use my freight account to ship my order?

Yes. If your order is shipping via freight and you wish to use your own account, please include your freight account information in the comments box under "Finalize and Place Order" during the checkout process.


Can I buy just one paper target, or do I have to buy in bulk?

Absolutely! Unlike our competitors, we will sell you just one target if that's what you want. That means you could buy one of each of our 1,000+ target designs (which is much more affordable than being forced to buy at least 25 of each). Buying higher quantities of a product, however, can get you a price break on the majority of our paper and cardboard targets so you end up paying less per target.


Can you make a custom paper or cardboard target for me?

Sure! Making custom targets for police departments, training companies, and competitive organizations has helped us grow our product offering to more than 1,000 different target designs. If there's a specific target you need, click here to get the process started.

NOTE: Custom targets are generally limited to a 23" x 35" size and require a minimum order of 2,500


How do I qualify to become a dealer?

To become a dealer of Action Target products, you must have a legally registered business and operate a store either online or at a physical location. If you would like to be a dealer, go to the Become a Dealer page and fill out the form. Once submitted, one of our regional sales managers will contact you to complete the process.


Will you sponsor my shooting event?

Action Target sponsor several shooting events every year. If you would like us to be involved in your event, please fill out the form below. A member of our marketing team will review your request and contact you shortly.


I don't see my question here. What should I do?

If you still need answers, give our customer care team a call at 1-800-779-0182 or fill out the customer service contact form on the Contact Us page.