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Sample IED Training Aid Kit

  • SKU: ED-78
  • Category: IED Training Aid
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IED discount kit includes a variety of inert conventional IED's. Circuitry level ranges from basic to advanced. The following devices are included:ED-5 (12 Pack Device), ED-66 (Mail Tube), IED-10 (Backpack Device), ED-11 (IED Box Mine with cable), ED-12 (November 17th), ED-15 (Anti-Vehicle Tilt-Rod Device), ED-17 (Inert C-4 Charges 4 ea.), ED-18 (7 Sticks of Inert Dynamite), ED-19 (2 Blocks of Inert Semtex), ED-20 (2 Blocks of DM-12), ED-24 (Seattle Timer), ED-27 (Timex Timer), ED-35 (6 Pack Cooler Device), ED-36 (Inert Electric Blasting Caps 10 ea.), ED-37 (Inert Non-Electric Blasting Caps 20 ea.), ED-45 (Fire Extinguisher Internal Timex #2), ED-48 (4 Pocket Suicide Vest), ED-67 (Pull / Tension Release device), ED-70 (Orange Jug # 1 IED)Please note: Responsibility regarding this product and its proper use and disposal requires end-user paperwork.