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Bullseye AmmoCam Long Range Edition

  • SKU: BCS-AC-300LRE
  • Category: Target System
  • Brand: Bullseye Camera Systems
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The Bullseye AmmoCam Long Range Edition is a conveniently portable spotting system that allows you to place a target up to a mile away and still see every shot you take. The camera system is easily set up near the intended target with the AmmoCam facing the front of the target. An internal router and high gain antenna relays the information back to your laptop or mobile device (with boosted receiving capabilities using the included Bullseye BaseStation Receiver) at the shooting position. The screen displays your target, and after every shot (or group of shots), a push of a button allows you to see your newest shot blinking on the screen. It's perfect for target practice, long range competition shooting, or even ammunition testing.

- Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 11"
- Weight: 7 lbs.

Features include:

- Camera with night vision
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with charger (12+ hours of run time)
- Point-to-point wireless system capable of transmitting up to 1 mile with clear line of sight
- Bullseye BaseStation Receiver (improves signal reception)
- Includes Bullseye Target Manager software package for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
- Bullseye Target Manager app available for free through the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad
- Bullseye Target Manager app available for free through Google Play for Android devices
- Secure ammo can style carrying case
- Fully weatherproof

NOTE: Laptop, iPhone, or iPad are not included and must be supplied by the user.


What is the warranty period for the system?: Every system from Bullseye Camera Systems comes with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Do I have to use a special target for the system to work?: No. You can use any type of target - commercially printed, hand drawn, or even a piece of plywood.

Will this system work on steel targets?: Yes. With steel targets, place the camera back a little farther to avoid splatter and to give the software more room to "see" the larger impact marks. With steel targets, it's better to use a static target with no swinging or moving parts or else you will need to wait for the target to stop swinging or moving to see your shot.

How far away can I place the camera from the target?: In a typical setup, you would place the camera 4-8 feet back and between 30 and 45 degrees to the side. When placed in this way, there is a much smaller risk of the camera being hit. Also, the software has a zoom feature so you can zoom into a specific spot on the target or zoom out to see the surrounding area.

Do I need cellular or Internet service for the system to work?: You do not need cellular or Internet service of any kind. The system generates its own WIFI hotspot that your laptop can connect with to transmit the camera images. The included software or free app handles everything for you!