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AutoTargets Ballistic Protection Package, AR500, Rubber Fascia,CO2 Ready

  • SKU: BP01-CR01


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The Ballistic Protection Package is available and recommended for use with the Standard and Side Lifter Starter Kits in the pop-up configuration. This 16" square of 1" rubber overlays a 3/8" AR500 steel ballistic plate. It is designed to protect the lift unit and CO2 bottle from low misses from calibers up to .308. Included as well is an antenna extension that improves WIFI range and coverage for your lift unit.

Rounds that strike the ballistic plate are absorbed into the rubber, preventing damage to any indoor range components and preventing injury to any shooter from splatter or ricochet.

Be sure to inspect your ballistic plate before each use. Check for any bulges on the steel side of the plate to ensure there is no risk of penetration. If you find there are multiple shots to the plate, consider adjusting your optic, or take advantage of a class offered at a local Action Target shooting range.