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Action Target Portable Runner 12V

  • Category: Target System
  • Brand: Action Target


Many agencies lack the dedicated range space required to install a permanent moving target system. The Action Target Runner solves this problem by being extremely portable, easy to assemble, and easy to use. In fact, two people can set up the entire system in just ten minutes.

The Runner is ruggedly simple and well designed, and it easily stands up to the punishment of heavy-duty firearms training. A steel cable runs horizontally between a pair of 2x4 studs that are secured to the ground with stakes and steel cable tie-downs. Using steel cables instead of rope or nylon straps keeps everything tight and prevents sagging or stretching.

The motor is attached to the top of one of the 2x4 studs, and pulls a rolling trolley along the horizontal steel cable. Targets are attached to the trolley, and a simple hand-held controller gives you precise control over the direction of the target.

The Runner has an 80-foot maximum span, so you will have plenty of room for lateral threat movement drills and even charging drills where the target rushes directly at you. The entire training experience can be dramatically elevated by using our reactive “3D” cardboard targets that only fall when hit in the right spot.

The affordability and practicality of the Runner make it an excellent tool for use in tactical combat scenarios, charging drills, defensive driving training, and other dynamic training applications. A carrying case included with purchase.

This 12 volt version of the Runner can be used in undeveloped or remote locations because it doesn't require the use of AC power. Instead, the unit draws power from one of three battery sources. The first is a direct connection to a car battery, the second is the power outlet inside your car, and the third is a battery pack you wear on your belt. The necessary hardware for all 3 options is included with your Runner.

The 120 volt version, the Runner-120, operates on 120-volt AC power, and the unit can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet. A portable generator may also be used in more remote locations. Because the Runner- 120 is built with strength in mind, it is a better choice for applications using larger and heavier targets or longer runs. Additional benefits of the Runner-120 include variable speed control, electric braking, and increased speed and responsiveness. With its additional benefits, the Runner-120 gives you all the performance you need to take your training program to the next level.