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Rimfire Plate Rack

  • Category: Steel Target
  • Brand: Action Target


Black Friday deal with 3 foot stand only!

Train like the pros on a reactive rimfire plate rack system designed to meet your needs and especially your budget.

The Rimfire Plate Rack gives you all the training benefits of our full-size PT Plate Rack for only a fraction of the price. With six 4” paddles made of 1/4” AR500 armor steel that fall when hit, shooting on the Rimfire Plate Rack provides instant visual feedback and reinforces accurate shots. And after the targets have all been knocked down, they can be easily reset by pulling the 30’ cable attached to the reset lever.

The Rimfire Plate Rack's no-weld design and reactive knock down action are ideal for serious target training, but the price makes it affordable for just about anyone. Because it is designed for .22 rimfire ammunition*, this target is also great for family outings, camping trips, or teaching children how to shoot.

The Rimfire Plate Rack comes with a 30' reset cable, your choice of a 1', 2', 3', or 4' stand, and six 4” target plates made of AR500 armor steel that can be easily reversed and interchanged without tools.

NOTE: The stand and feet are made of mild steel and are not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand and feet may result in damage.

- Weight: 50 lbs.
- Dimensions: 58” H x 36” W
- Paddles: 4” diameter
- Steel grade: 1/4" AR500 armor steel
- Rimfire shooting distance: 10+ yards

*The Rimfire Plate Rack is designed for use with .22 rimfire ammunition only. Using ammunition other than .22 rimfire may result in the malfunction of the target’s reactive features or even damage to the target. Please refer to the Steel Target Safety Rules before shooting on any steel target, and learn more about steel hardness and target design by reading The Science Behind Steel Targets.


Can I shoot my rimfire .17 HMR on this target?: While the .17 HMR is a rimfire round, its velocity is too great for the reactive mechanisms of the target. This target is designed for .22 rimfire ammunition only.

Can I shoot centerfire handgun rounds on this target?: While this target is made of 1/4" AR500 armor steel which can withstand the force of a centerfire handgun round, shooting it with more powerful rounds will cause it to wear out quickly and cause the reactive features of the target to malfunction.

Is the entire target made of armor steel?: The falling target plates and rear brackets are all made of AR500 armor steel. The rear brackets are made of armor steel to withstand the wear and tear from the friction of the reactive falling plates. The deflector plate and stand are made of mild steel, but are designed to effectively shed bullets.

What stand should I mount the Rimfire Plate Rack to?: The Rimfire Plate Rack is designed to be used with a static stand. We suggest mounting this specific target to a 4' static stand. Mounting the Rimfire Plate Rack to an PT Practice Stand may cause the target to fall over when resetting the falling plates.