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  • Category: Steel Target
  • Brand: Action Target


The PT IPSC A-Zone was designed with competitive shooters in mind. With a torso made to the exact size and dimensions of the standard IPSC Metric Target and a reactive A-Zone cutout for immediate visual feedback, the PT IPSC A-Zone is a great target for competition training.

Because it combines the scoring benefits of a paper target with the immediate visual and audio feedback of a steel target, the PT IPSC A-Zone can save you time and frustration. Instead of having to constantly go downrange to switch out paper targets, you can shoot thousands of rounds at this steel version of the IPSC torso without having to reset or replace anything. The A-zone cutout also makes scoring simple with a reactive swinging plate that allows you to instantly see if you hit the right spot. The swinging plate is gravity reset and can be repainted to show shot placement.

The torso and swinging plate are made of through hardened AR550 armor steel with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets allowing you to shoot just about anything you have at it without fear of ricochet, splatter, or damage to the target. The rear hinge brackets are also made of armor steel (AR500) to minimize wear and tear from daily use and provide you with a lifetime of tactical training.

Because all of the shooting surfaces are made of AR550 steel, the IPSC A-Zone is compatible with rifle shooting from distances greater than 100 yards and with ammunition that does not exceed 3,000 fps. Shooting the target closer than 100 yards and/or with rifle ammunition exceeding 3,000 fps may cause dents and deformities in the shooting surfaces rendering the target unsafe to shoot.

Due to the size of the head plate, a 3' stand is the default height we recommend. If you want a different stand height, please specify in the comments section during checkout.

Dimensions: Torso – 30cm x 50cm (18” x 30”); A-zone cutout – 10cm x 28cm (6” x 11”)

*Please refer to the Steel Target Safety Rules before shooting on any steel target, and learn more about steel hardness and target design by reading The Science Behind Steel Targets.


Can I shoot a rifle at the PT IPSC A-Zone?: Yes. The PT IPSC A-Zone is designed for use with rifle ammunition under 3,000 fps muzzle velocity at 100 yards.

Do the PT IPSC A-Zone dimensions match up to any competition specifications?: The PT IPSC Torso matches the exact specification for IPSC competitive use.

What is the ideal stand height for the PT IPSC A-Zone?: We suggest mounting the PT IPSC A-Zone target head to a 3’ static stand to achieve the most realistic height scenario for training situations. Using a 4’ stand may cause the target to become too top heavy and fall over during shooting.

Is the entire target made of armor steel?: The PT IPSC A-Zone target head and the impact plate are made of AR550 armor steel. The brackets and impact plate sleeve are also made of armor steel (AR500) to better withstand the wear and tear of the moving plates.

Can I attach the PT IPSC A-Zone to a PT Practice Stand?: Because the PT IPSC A-Zone target head is so heavy, it can become too top heavy if placed on the PT Practice Stand (even on the lower setting) and may fall over when being shot. We suggest only using the Static Stand when shooting on this target.