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  • Category: Steel Target
  • Brand: Action Target


Every steel training program needs a basic building block. Prepare for competitions with confidence by training on the PT IPSC Torso.

The PT IPSC Torso is specifically designed for competitive shooting and is a great tool for accuracy and speed drills because the immediate feedback of clanging steel reinforces good shooting habits. Even from a distance, shooters are able to recognize accurate hits through both site and sound. More than one torso can also be used to set up mock competition style courses to further increase the effectiveness practice.

The PT IPSC Torso is made of through hardened AR550 armor steel and has a perfectly flat shooting surface with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets making it perfect for competition practice by reducing unpredictable bullet splatter when used from appropriate distances*.

*Please refer to the Steel Target Safety Rules before shooting on any steel target, and learn more about steel hardness and target design by reading The Science Behind Steel Targets.