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Spartan Tactical Training Group Target

  • SKU: TQ-QT2
  • Category: Paper Target
  • Brand: Law Enforcement Targets
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Spartan Tactical Training Group Target TQ-QT2; Spartan Tactical Training Group‘s official training target offers unique target features for handgun and rifle training. Designed to meet Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (ILETSB) requirements, it includes an 8.5" x 14" center mass box with scoring rings for state certification / qualification standards.
Size: 23" x 35"
Ink: Brown
Other target features include:
- Humanoid body, head and anatomy for training realism
- Subdued target and anatomy lines on the body and head that disappear beyond 25 feet
- 2" circle in center of target that can be used for rifle zeroing, zero confirmation, and mechanical offset verification
- Center mass area is set up to accept 8.5" x 14" replacement centers that can be spray-glued in place for quick target repair and enhance overall target longevity
- Subdued ocular vault area on target head with distinct hairline for fast hold-off shots with the rifle
- Distinct belt line that offers a pelvic girdle target area
- Armless torso that allows for use of hand overlays for decision based training and target discrimination drills
- Distinct torso color and bold target outline that provides a humanoid silhouette signature when used in low-light training and distant rifle engagements